Sunday, October 28, 2012

Healing Testimony 2 Years Ago and Now

OCTOBER 17, 2012 

Holy Spirit Empowered Testimony Healings - AGAIN!

Two years ago on October 17th, Margaret and I gave our presentation to our church -Victory Intl. in San Mateo, Ca.- about our first trip to Brazil. In that we showed a video and pictures of three people we had prayed for to be healed of being blind in one eye and one man of having very severe glaucoma in both eyes. In that case, it was so bad that he could barely see. When we gave that testimony an older woman in the congregation got up - started waving her arms and saying- "I can read those TV monitors!" In short, she had a sovereign healing of a stroke that had reduced her vision in both eyes. She could not read her Bible or watch TV at a distance. She was healed when her faith was touched by the power of a Holy Spirit filled testimony. Glory! forward to Sunday after the 17th of October... October 19, 2012

Margaret was giving her testimony of a woman named Christiana in Fortaleza. Her hearing had been reduced badly over time. When Margaret prayed Christiana was healed. A man in our Worship team had been having problems with his hearing in one ear for two years. Upon seeing the testimony, he heard a "ding" sound in that ear, then felt as if air was blown into it...and his ear was opened. 

It is so cool that the Holy Spirit did the same thing twice - he demonstrated to the entire church that there is healing power in a Holy Spirit filled testimony. God is ALWAYS ready to heal. 

Praise His Name!


Joseph and Margaret

Friday, October 26, 2012


FORTALEZA, BRAZIL - September 19 to October 3, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

His Presence - Manifests Healing

We continue to see wonderful things coming forth for healing in 2012.  

I have been involved with a new consultant role in my non-ministry business so we haven't updated this blog much in some time. 

Jesus told his disciples to "Go, Heal the sick, cleanse the leaper, preach the good news."  
We are finding how effective obedience to this command can be as we are seeing results in physical healing through the command in Jesus name.  The vast majority of the healing we see are not through "praying" (the James 5 model - which is great).  

In March we visited a man in the hospital who has been fighting cancer.   Before we left him in his hospital room we spoke to his pain commanding it to leave and let healing begin.  A week later Margaret was back in that town and visited the man.  He stated, "when you and Joe prayed for me (we didn't actually pray as I mentioned) my pain went away."  The man is now back home, even after having a gall bladder removed and not being expected to live.  But the testimony remains.  We continue to speak to his cancer and command strength and vitality to return to him.  This is not bad at all as many people expected his to die when we saw him in early March 2012.   

In April over-the-phone we spoke in Jesus' name to a staff infection condition in the hip of a man who is a friend of our family.  He was being treated by Doctors and if the cure did not work he would die, that was the diagnosis.   Through the decree and command in Jesus' name we told the pain to leave him.  Through word of knowledge Margaret told him that if the pain left the healing would take place.  The pain did leave and he is cured and no longer threatened by this serious infection.  Did the medicines work, we guess so but the pain left before the medicines were administered. 

Praise to the Lord for He is good. 

We continue to see that speaking to pain and ailments is an effective way to bring the inheritance the Lord promised through Jesus death on the cross.   Jesus laid hands on the sick and spoke for pain and sickness to leave and demons to be expelled.  There is no example that he ever "prayed" for sick people.  If would appear that he depended on the anointing he received from his baptism in the Holy Spirit and was led by the Spirit in what do do for each person. 

What I like about Jesus was that he was a "varietal" healer. 
He did not do everything the same way.  In those accounts that have individual details in the Gospels we see a creative variety in what he did that manifested the healing.   This is so wonderful because it keeps us away - by seeing his example - from being confined by a "one-size-fits-all" thinking pattern in ministering healing.  

We are meant to live this as normal Christianity. 

Praise the Lord!

Ordination Into the Ministry- January 29, 2012

On Sunday, January 29th, 2012 Joe McCauley was ordained as a Minster at Victory International Church in San Mateo, California.

Joe received his ordination through the Victory International Ministerial Association after having graduated from Victory Bible School.

We want to thank Pastors Brad and GiGi Allen for performing the ordination ceremony.
Margaret McCauley and the Victory International Church Worship Team provided wonderful spirit filled music for the occasion.

I want to express my appreciation to our friends and family who came to celebrate this once in a lifetime event.

Please pray for God's direction to be clear, actions sure and His Presence abundant in every day, moment and thought.

Thank you - blessings in His name,

Rev. Joseph V. McCauley

                                           Listening to theWorship Time before the Service

                                               Pastor Brad reads the Ordination document

                                  Joe receives the Ordination document from Pastor Brad

Rev. Joseph McCauley and Margaret McCauley receive the laying on of hands and prayer from Pastors Brad and GiGi Allen of Victory Intl. Church

                                         Celebrating with family afterward

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hunting for Supernatural Treasure





Come and met our terrific Pastors, Brad and Gigi Allen! You will enjoy the music led by Margaret and the message.

Saturday, June 18th was a God encounter day !

Margaret and I led a team of Holy Spirit led adventures to do prophetic evangelism - called Treasure Hunts. A Treasure Hunt is a way to introduce people to the Lord Jesus as the Holy Spirit actually directs us to the people He wants us to meet. It's called a Divine encounter.

I have done several of these at Bethel Church in Redding, Ca., and it works like this. We have a form we use on which we can write Location, Name, Dress, Something that Needs prayer and the last category - Unusual. We pray and ask the Holy Spirit where to go and start filling out the form. Then we compare the forms. It is incredible how the Holy Spirit can match the same places, names or descriptions. He does this through the Word of Knowledge. A Word of Knowledge is when God downloads a fact or other information about a person, a situation or circumstance that can then tell us who He already knows will be out there to talk to.

We then go to those locations and start looking for out Treasures - the people God through the Holy Spirit has led us to.

Our goal is a God encounter of love.

We have seen again and again people who were sad, hurting and questioning life be encouraged and uplifted when God speaks through a team member to that person, our Treasure, a specific God inspired word, directly from the Lord. God is sending a personal "postcard" and we get to be the mailman.



Margaret's team was led to a candy story in a local mall. The Holy Spirit said to look for a woman with a multi-colored scarf and the store name to go to. They went and YEP! there was the lady described on the form. After talking a little bit they found that she knew the Lord and many of the items on the Treasure Hunt form were true about her. The woman was so happy and felt that God had answered her prayers. She had an important event she wanted prayer for and the team blessed her with that.



This team was lead to a local speciality foods store. As soon as we approached we met a young woman and her mother. We told her we were on a Treasure Hunt and that we thought she was our treasure. We then showed her the form we had filled out. Then a member of the team had a prophetic word for the young lady that was right on to events going on in her life. Then there was a Word of Knowledge for her mother as well. Both ladies wept and they felt the love of God coming through is to them. It was a delightful experience.

There is a God based supernatural, invisible Kingdom of God the Lord Jesus wants us to live in every day. Once you ask Jesus into your life you will begin to walk into that Kingdom.

Come ask Jesus into your life!

Blessings and go be Bold in the Lord.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Lord Keeps Giving




Well January 2011 was a fun month in the Spirit!

Our Pastors, Brad and Gigi Allen asked us to do a four part series on Healing at our church, Victory International in San Mateo, Ca. We had a blast and from it had people from the class bring healing to others. The Gift of Healing is so precious and the Lord is so good to allow us to pass it on to others.


We ministered at the home of a dear friend in Half Moon Bay, Ca. and found out the following. One man there, his wife has been dealing with liver cancer. We had prayed for him as "stand in for her". This was in November. He told us when we saw him this time that the next day his wife went to the doctor and he found that "there was no cancer in her blood." Which was great news. We prayed again for his wife's liver.


We continued to see healings in our after service prayer times.

At the begining of the month God touched a man who had a long-term (almost 1 year) pain in his left heal. As we spoke to the pain and commanded it to leave he said he felt a warmth in his heal. We went after it a second time and he felt the pain melt away.

At the same service the Lord allowed us to pray for a great minister friend of our who had sprained his knee. Again when prayed for he felt "a ton of heat" come into his knee and he was healed. He needed that knee so he could play soccer.


Later in February we prayed over the phone for the thumbs of a relative of ours who was having pain perhaps from arthritis. We had them hold one thumb at a time while holding the phone. Her right thumb was healed and the pain dramatically went away. We then prayed for the left thumb but did not get the same results. We planned to come at it again at another time. Hey 50% improvement over NO improvement is good anytime. The fact that it is taking place is what is so supernaturally natural in the Lord. Thank you Jesus!


We had two precious young early teenagers accept Jesus as their Savior. At a recent after service prayer time a young girl came forward asking for prayer to stop her having bad dreams that kept reoccuring. Margaret felt led to ask her about the Lord and in short order she had accepted the Lord Jesus. Then Praise God, her boy friend also accepted the Lord.

March should be awesome......

Blessings in Christ,

Joe and Margaret McCauley

Monday, December 20, 2010


It was a rainy evening in Santa Cruz last Saturday night. It also rained the Holy Spirit inside the Circle Church.

Margaret and I got to minister there, filling in for Rev. Neil Sundblad, a radical Holy Spirit Rivalist and Evangelist who was in New Zealand at that time. Wow! His meetings there have GOT to be a blast. Gary, who organized things for us to minister in Neil's place while he was gone, told us Neil had a woman's blind eyes opened by a word of knowledge in New Zealand....way to go Neil!!! (and the Holy Spirit) Yea God!

BTW you can view Neil's web site at:

God is using Neil wonderfully.


In Santa Cruz, Margaret and I got to minister about Healing, how to pray and command healing and then we had a time of impartation for those who wanted it.

We had our own set of healing blessings. We demonstrated how to command healing to the group that remained after the service which was pretty much everyone. We prayed and saw results for:

The wife of a Pastor.
She had a burning that had been in her shoulders since she was thirteen years old. We did the Mark 16:17-18 command, laid hands on her and the pain went away in her right shoulder. We continued to speak to the left shoulder and the pain was dramatically reduced to near "0" . Again we are finding that persistence is important. Just praying once may indeed work but pressing in to see final results takes time, a desire to see the promised result and a commitment for the good of the person being prayed for.

The Pastor - Lower back pain
The Pastor had low lumbar pain, slipped disks. We prayed for him and he began to shake gently and then take several deep breaths. There was a sense of heat in both Margaret's left hand and my right. Finally we stepped back and the Pastor was smiling a broad, happy smile. He said he was healed. Praise God! God loves his Pastors. Thank you Lord!

Man with Allergy to Wheat
This dear man contracted a sudden allergy to wheat products that causes his lower intestine to have pain, his energy to drain and loose strength among other side effects. We commanded the healing and he suddenly felt "light" as if a weight had left. We had no way to determine a healing but both Margaret and I had a sharp sense of "knowing" that the healing had taken place. We are waiting for the good report.

Neil's Good Friend - Back pain
He had a lower level of back pain but wanted it gone so we honored his request and prayed for him. By the time we were done he was moving his back more freely looking like someone about to do the limbo.

Our goal in the meeting was to impart, to encourage and to teach so as to give a structure for success in commanding healing. Everyone who knows the Lord can pray for the sick, Amen!

And the best part was that just before we left we saw a woman we had just imparted to praying for someone else....Spiritual Fathers and Mothers love it when there children step out in faith.
We had twelve people come forward for impartation including one Pastor.

The Gospel is power in Jesus name.

Thank you God for showing your real love through real deeds on the earth.

Saturday, December 11, 2010



Praise Our Lord Jesus!

Victory International Church has seen a breakout in miracle healings both inside and outside of this church in the last several months for which we are genuinely very thankful to the Holy Spirit. We are seeing the love of God demonstrated though his power to restore, remove pain and renew people’s physical bodies. Healing was Jesus calling card, his stamp of validation from the Father. It was the context to which he pointed whenever the Pharisees cast doubt on his call and who had sent him.


October 17th - Sunday
A woman named Connie was healed of blurred vision both eyes due to a stroke and without prayer as the Holy Spirit did it without prayer from anyone. The testimonies from Brazil, the Word of God about healing and her faith combined into a wonderful Testimony Healing by the Holy Spirit. See her testimony on this Blog, dated November 4th.

A girl named Jillian’s foot badly bruised from sports accidents was healed.

November 15th - Monday
There was an Aglow Meeting here at Victory – at least two people received healings.

During that meeting and on one subsequent Sunday some nine people were given the prayer of impartation for healing. The healing legacy from Brazil was given away with results you’ll hear about coming soon after. These people started praying for the sick and seeing results as well so …

November 18th -Thursday
My wife Margaret and I were able to minister to a home group of friends in Half Moon Bay only to have a man who had struggled with three months of significant lower back pain be healed right there in someone’s living room. As we rejoiced with him about his healing, a precious older Japanese lady started kneeling up and down on her left knee. Without prayer the Holy Spirit again through the testimony, the scripture verses that proclaim healing and her faith coming together, healed a knee condition she had since she was two years old.

November 28th-Sunday
At Victory, Ginny, one of the people at the Aglow meeting prayed for gal who had pain in her shoulder for three weeks. On a scale of 1 to 10 she was an “8”. Ginny commanded the healing to go in Jesus name. It left!


On the same day two ladies named Normi and Phyllis who were also at the Aglow meeting, prayed for a woman who had abdominal pain from over exertion. The pain departed in Jesus name.

November 30th- Tuesday
I prayed for a workman named who is doing remodeling on my mother’s home. He had a growth in the top center of his back that he described as “being punched full force in the back.” It was a constant “9” on the pain scale and kept him from working and made sleeping in any position and even driving his car very painful. The guy doesn’t know the Lord but when he was prayed for I had his son, who was with us, put his hand on his dad along with me. When we commanded the pain to leave and healing to take place both men felt a sudden rush of heat through their bodies. The dad even started sweating. When I left him the pain was dramatically reduced and he was able to work.

So why is this happening?
Because the Holy Spirit is doing a fresh work in this church. He is renewing minds to attempt and succeed at impossibilities now considered fully possible.

Why is this happening?Because Jesus gave us his example and told us to follow it.

Mark 16:17-18, These signs shall follow those who believe……”

John 14:12 “If anyone believes in me he shall do the works I am doing….”

We have found that “Simple obedience releases faith’s possibilities.”

Why is this happening?
The Apostle Paul summed it up beautifully in

2nd Corinthians Chapter One, verses 18 to 20.

18 As surely as God is trustworthy and faithful and means what He says, our speech and message to you have not been Yes [that might mean] No.
19For the Son of God, Christ Jesus (the Messiah), …. was not Yes and No; but in Him it is [always the divine] Yes.
20For as many as are the promises of God, they all find their Yes [answer] in Him [Christ].

God is faithful to all his promises.

Let me encourage you, your prayers can change everything.

You can heal the sick and represent Jesus.

Because His command that we go do these things gave us the grace and the capacity and ability to do them. Because you have Chris in you, the hope of Glory!

Go and be the Gospel to someone…..Amen!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Some dear Holy Spirit happenings took place last Sunday in our church.


Paul, our Head Usher asked Margaret and me to pray for a dear Hispanic lady. She had, we found out, for about three weeks on-going pain in her left shoulder, about a “7” level of pain. When I walked over to her she was talking with another lady in our church named Ginny. Ginny had been at the Aglow meeting on the 15th where Margaret and I had talked about Brazil and had laid hands on people for impartation of the gift we had from Brazil. Ginny could not remain at that time, for when we prayed for impartation of the gift we received in Brazil to those who wanted it. She came up to us at church the next Sunday and asked to be prayed for, so we did that. So….instead of me praying I said Ginny should do this. Ginny is always ready to pray she is on fire for the Lord, so she began to pray and command the pain to leave. Margaret joined us as we asked the lady how she felt. Pain was now down to a “4” and ability to move the joint was better. So, Ginny fired the second volley at the devil commanding the healing. The woman with the pain had her face lit up as the she said the pain was gone and she was moving her arm around and around while she was smiling. We praised the Lord and encouraged her to thank God for the gift he gave her. We also encouraged her to watch for the devil to try to bring the symptoms back and to resist it in Jesus name.


A woman who has been fighting liver cancer came over to say hi! As we did she mentioned that she had abdominal pain from picking up her grandson when he was with her. Her pain level was a “7” or so as well. I called two other ladies who had received prayer for impartation at Aglow so I called them over and had those two pray for the gal with liver cancer. Normi, one of the ladies took the lead and was very powerful and spoke faith filled words that were very strong. We checked and the pain had gone to a “4” so we did it again. I checked with the lady being prayed for asking her if she really felt this way or if she was just trying to be kind in some way. She said, ”No”, she really felt the change. We commanded it again this time with all of us laying hands on the woman with the pain. We paused and she told us the pain was gone. We also cursed that liver cancer in Jesus name and asked her to let us know about the next time she had a checkup. After final prayer the lady told us the abdominal pain was gone! We all were stoked!

Normi’s friend

Normi then let us know on Saturday she had prayed for a friend who had back problems and knees in pain because of no cartilage. Normi did her Christ-like thing and her friend’s back pain was gone and the knee pain as well. She did not need to take her usual medicine – Vicadin- for the pain. Normi’s out doing it. PTL! Faith with works what a combo!!! Normi is working to bring her friend to church as well.

MORE…..Our buddy Mike…..

Mike had been prayed for last Sunday for a shooting “heat” he was having on his right side from his knee to his hip. It was not constant but would suddenly happen without notice while working. Margaret and I prayed for Mike, who although he did not have the pain at the time received his healing by faith. We prayed for it to leave and he would not be troubled by it any more.

Well last Sunday he came up to tell us that as of last Monday a week ago he has had no re-occurrence of that pain. Also his knee that was prayed for months ago is still working fine.

Thank you Holy Spirit!

Thank you Jesus for your power activated by your love.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank You Jesus in Half Moon Bay


We just can't stop thanking the Lord for what he did for us by taking away our pains according to Isaiah 53. (Quoted here actually from Luke 4 in the Amplified Bible)

16When evening came, they brought to Him many who were [g]under the power of demons, and He drove out the spirits with a word and restored to health all who were sick.

17And thus He fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah, He Himself took [[h]in order to carry away] our weaknesses and infirmities and bore [i]away our diseases.(C)

We visited with long time friends in Half Moon Bay and updated them on our Brazil trip and what God has been doing since our return. They are an incredibly anointed group of people who flourish in dream interpretation (they do workshops) and the prophetic. They sparkle in the Holy Spirit and just last week prayed for one of their group with one leg shorter than the other, and it grew out- Glory to God! Really, considering the God we serve shouldn't that be a normal activity in our lives? A God through his example with Jesus showed he invaded pain and disease with his desire and love to heal. After it says in the Psalms...."I am the God of miracles!"

We had a great time in the Lord and the Lord again confirmed his word twice. First by healing the back of our friend Mark after we commanded healing in Jesus name over him.

This is a picture of the handsome lad here.....He improved each time we spoke in Jesus name commanding that pain to "Go!". He was able to touch the ground and was without pain. TYJ!!!!!

Then as he was rejoicing about being healed another dear friend Kyoko who had not been prayed for had her left knee healed by the Holy Spirit sovereignly where she was standing.

Thank you Joanne, Mark, Kyoko, Michele, Betty and Tim for your commitment to the Lord and your strong desire to move into everything the Bible says we can have, for today.

We are so grateful to the Lord for what he has done and continues to do.

Glory to Jesus !

BTW- Please keep us in prayer as we are going to minister at the "Circle Church" in Santa Cruz on Saturday, December 18th. Time is from 6:30 PM to end by 10 PM. It is supposed to be a joint English and Spanish speaking group with an interpreter. We want to touch people for salvation and God's portion in healing. Amen !

The Holy Spirit Glowed at AGLOW !

We are so thankful to the Holy Spirit for these new ministry opportunities and that he continues to confirm his presence and demonstrate his love.

Margaret and I spoke at the San Mateo Aglow Light House Meeting on November 15th.

Margaret led worship which blessed us all and, a new song we brought back from Brazil called Majesty-Holy just filled the place.

This was followed by a prophetic word for the group and individual words for several people,
then there was a second strong prophetic exhortation calling for higher places and more of the Lord in the lives of those there.

We then presented what we called “Brazil Part 2” and went into more detail about the healings, scriptural basis for them, and talked about authority and impartation. We showed some new videos of people in Brazil with deaf ears being healed and of a woman who had broken her arm and it affected her use of her shoulders and she was healed. We then had Connie (see a prior post-the lady who loves Jesus who was healed of blurred vision) and Twila (the on-fire for Jesus mom of a young lady who’s foot was healed after prayer) come up and give their testimonies. We finished the presentation and then went into prayer for healing which was followed by prayer for impartation. Lots of people remained after dismissal for these two reasons.

We had decided that we would start with those who had definite pain in their bodies so we could, by use of the five step model, measure improvement. We prayed for:

1. A man who had fallen off a ladder while working on his mom’s house in Chicago. His back, knees, hips and hands (he had also cut his hands). WE commanded the pain to leave and he reported he was at 50% less pain. GTG! So we continued to command the pain to go and healing to come and he went from 80% and finally to “I’m waving my hands." People applauded the Lord….

Expectation levels popped way up after this and we have found that if there is not instant manifestation that the measuring process of the 5-step method really helps change the atmosphere from either complacency or unbelief to faith.

2. A dear German lady, she had pain, headaches behind her eyes, something that had happening for three years. After we assessed how bad the pain was we spoke to it, she fell in the Spirit and was on the floor for some time. She later got up to say her right eye no longer had pain so we prayed for the left eye again. She sat down and in a few minutes told us she was healed. Praise God!

3. A good friend who had a headache.
Margaret laid a hand on his head and both she and he felt a very strong tingling from her hand into him. Then he began laughing uncontrollably. It took a while for him to finally stop and sit down. The headache left.

So after the prayer time the people listed here stayed for impartation. We had told them what had happened to us in Brazil and the prayer for impartation we had gotten from the Global Team.

Thank you Lord for your kindnesses, more and more exalt your name and your holy son, Jesus.

Also our thanks to Margaret Schillig and Amy Kurakowa for inviting us to speak. You guys are wonderful examples of those hungry for the deeper things of God.

We met at Victory International Church, pastored by Brad and Gigi Allen, who are pictured here.

If you need a church home, if you're hungry to go past "just church" to the deeper things God really has for you, come to Victory. Pastor Brad's teaching is strong, caring, Biblical and geared for application in our lives today. I would also recommend the Victory Bible School, Pastor Gigi is the administrator of the school. The course content she and Brad have developed is designed to making "Disciples" out of "Believers" so you can powerfully live your life with confidence and faith. You can view many of the teachings from the school on the Victory web site.

Go for it!
1730 S Amplett Blvd #110, San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 655-4748

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Testimony of Restored Eyesight and the Gift of English


We are thrilled with what the Lord has been doing in our midst since our return from Brazil.
I mentioned in an earlier blog-post that a woman in our church was sovereignly healed of blurred vision from a stroke in both eyes.

The video attached here is the testimony of that woman, Connie.
She has been telling everyone she can about how God healed her, she is so thrilled about it. As you can see from what she says here she really believes that "God answered my prayer."

So let this encourage you.
You were meant to get answered prayer.
You are told to expect answers to prayer, Jesus promised and 2Corinthians 1:20 tells us that "as many as are the promises of God they find their 'Yes' in Christ."

Say "Amen" and receive your promises fulfilled.


A couple of days ago we were delighted to get this email from a young lady, perhaps a junior in high school who was an interpreter for us while at one church in Brazil. We had prayed for several people who asked for us to pray that they would be able to learn English quickly. Apparently in this case the Holy Spirit decided to give the entire gift of English at one time.

-----Original Message-----
From: Isabela
Sent: Tue, Nov 2, 2010 6:42 am
Subject: Isabela- Brazil.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for sending me the photos.
unfortunately did not take pictures with your wife, but I really liked her. I´ll save the photo as a memory.

Joe, there is one thing I want to tell you.
On the day that you came here in our church and prayed for one girl, she received a gift. This week she start speek in english!

She still can not control the English language and confuses the two, so feels (unsure about how) to speak. I´m not sure how to help her.

Thaks again,

blessings and kisses.

Isabela, SP - Brazil.

God is so much fun and SO generous.

We found in Brazil that if you live in an atmosphere of expectation, you receive.
If you choose to believe the word of God and expect that its truth will come to pass you will receive. We saw this time after time in Brazil and God has allowed us to bring that home to where we live as can be seen by Connie's miraculous healing.

Glory to God!

This is what the "normal" Christian life is meant to be.

Living in the super-nature of God, a God who loves to give to his children everything that is good and perfect.

Thank you Lord.

More of you Lord Jesus, more of you....

Redemption and Triumph !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Holy Spirit is On the Move !

Hello Friends,

I wanted to share how thrilled we are that we are seeing God do here in our church in California what we saw him to in Brazil.

Margaret and I spoke at our church last Sunday and used plenty of testimonies and video we shot of the Brazil trip. We had seen three people in Brazil cured of either near blindness or total blindness in one or both eyes. After we finished speaking an older woman, whom we found out later had a stroke that caused both eyes to blur so she could not read a book or see a TV monitor to read it, shot up and began shouting and waving her arms like people did in Brazil.

She said, "I can read that TV screen, I can read what it says!"

Turned out God did exactly what we saw him do in Brazil, a sovereign healing. The woman's left eye was healed to such an extent that she could now read the monitors and, for the first time in years is now able to read her Bible. She had been told that her eyes would NEVER recover so she would not be able to read books or read at distances. Her vision in her left eye is now clear. She is SO happy, and we are so grateful....more Lord Jesus, more!

We also prayed for a young lady whose left foot had been badly bruised and swollen in two almost identical sports accidents. She had pain when the foot was touched and could only wear loose shoes or sandals. Margaret and I prayed for her and commanded the pain to leave and the swelling to go down. Her pain left immediately and we tested it to be sure. I talked with her mom yesterday and the young lady is now back to sports and has no pain and hardly any trace of the bruise.

Another dear lady in our church had an allergic reaction that was causing pain on the left side of her face. As prayer was given she said she felt a warmth on that spot on her face. She also was healed as that reaction dissapated and things returned to normal that day.

Gloria Deus!

Your can see two video testimonies for the first two healings below.
The speaker is Pastor Brad Allen of Victory International Church.

The church we attend is
Victory International Church.
1730 S. Amphlett Blvd., Suite 110
San Mateo, Ca.
(650) 655- 4748
Pastors Brad and Gigi Allen

See the Attached videos...the first is the healing of a bruised foot, the second is the sovereign healing of blurred vision due to stroke. Thank you Holy Spirit

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miracles and Renewed Minds in Brazil

We just returned home from Brazil where we have seen more of the supernatural power of God to heal, restore and deliver than we had ever seen in our lives as Christians.

We went to Brazil on a healing missions trip to the three cities of Sao Paulo, Barretos and Uberlandia. We ministered with the Global Awakening team at Four Square, Evangelical and independent churches. The largest church was the “Shalom” church in Uberlandia that had a Sunday night service attendance of approximately 2500 people.

Thank you to all of you who prayed for us!

This trip went beyond our expectations and the Lord Jesus demonstrated his love through his miraculous acts at every one of the churches in the three cities we went to. The worship in every church was off the charts. These people love to praise and worship, they expect God to show up and he does.

The Brazilian Christians were so gracious and giving and so appreciative of our ministry to them. In all the churches their welcoming hearts blessed us greatly. We saw genuine miracles and were privileged to be used by the Lord to command healing to many, to counter the effects of witchcraft (Macumba) and literally saw the blind go away seeing and those physically impaired be healed. What we saw was the authentic Gospel - the first century Gospel - the Book of Acts Gospel today. We went to Brazil wanting breakthrough and the Lord graciously gave it to us.

Why did we go? Because we believe there is a God that seeks to manifest his nature and his love through his power to the benefit of his children. And this is most often demonstrated through healing. We wanted our experience to match our theology. “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me the works I do they will do also, and greater works than these because I go to the Father.” John 14:12.

From the very first day we were seeing people healed in the name of Jesus.

On that very first day a man named Alexander who had gone deaf due to diabetes had his ear opened and he could hear after Margaret and I spoke healing to it in Jesus’ name.

Another day, Margaret and I prayed for a woman who had fallen down some stairs and the accident left a large, hard and swollen lump on the left side of her left ankle. After finding out what happened both Margaret and I laid hands on it and commanded the lump to dissolve and the pain to leave her. Immediately we felt a change in the lump, it was like air had come out of it. It was no longer hard but soft and could be pressed. The pain began to leave and we continued to command the healing in Jesus name. Finally the woman was 100% healed and left rejoicing and bouncing up and down on both feet. The next day she brought a friend for prayer. Many woman and girls were wonderfully prayed for by Margaret, they seemed drawn to her.

At the last city we went to, Margaret prayed for a man who worked on the AV team at the Shalom Church in Uberlandia. The man had pins in his ankle due to an injury 10 years ago. Because of this he could not run, do a treadmill etc. She prayed for him and he said, “I am going to go outside and run!” He did and was dramatically healed. The next day he went to the gym and his personal trainer saw him on the treadmill and asked him, “Renato, you never do that! How can you do that now?” And Renato got to tell him why. (The video testimony of this will be posted on our web site.)

And these healings were only a few of many. In many cities we saw people healed sovereignly by the Holy Spirit during worship or by Words of Knowledge given by the Global Ministry team we were part of.

For reasons only the Lord knows, he used us for the healing of those with very impaired sight or who were totally blind. In two days’ time, three men were healed of being either totally blind or legally blind.

On each occasion we spoke to the infirmity, cursing it and commanding it to dissolve, to be removed from that person and then commanded healing of the eye(s) in Jesus’ name. We tested the before and after condition of each person prayed for and where possible got confirmation from family or friends.


#1. In a church in Sao Paulo a man named Antonio had 20-30% vision in his right eye and because of it he could not drive a car.
We cursed the condition in Jesus’ name and commanded it to dissolve and commanded the eye to be fully functional. Immediately Antonio felt a change and an improvement in his eye sight. We thanked the Lord and continued to speak healing to it. We continued to press in, repeating our measures against the condition and each time there was improvement. Finally we got to where he was 95% healed. He left rejoicing and planning to get a new driver’s license.

#2. Leonardo was totally blind in the Right Eye.
He came to the Shalom Church in Uberlandia with his wife and her Pastor. Leonardo had been bitten by an insect 5 years ago on his right eye and had the cornea of that eye replaced by transplant surgery. The surgery had been a failure. He came to church that night wanting to receive salvation and to be delivered from the spirit of witchcraft. After Joe led him to Jesus as his Savior, we broke the witchcraft spirit of Macumba from him. Then we cursed the eye condition and commanded it to dissolve and for his eye to be open in Jesus’ name. He was now 100% healed and could see perfectly out of the formerly blind right eye.

Below is the link for Global Awakening in Brazil with the video of Leonardo’s testimony.
(See Vision for a New Believer)

#3. Another man from the Shalom Church in Uberlandia was Walterveeno who had glaucoma in both eyes for the past 18 years.
His eye condition was so bad that he could not see at all and had to be led everywhere he went.
With him were his wife and his son, Junior, and his family. Leonardo and his wife had only been married for three months and he had never been able to see her face.

Again in this case we came against the conditions. After our first command for healing against it he could see the letters on the interpreter's shirt. We praised God. This also became a great teaching opportunity to the people waiting in line behind him for prayer. Joe asked them to pray with us. We were representing Christ, standing in his place against the devil's work. (Acts 10:38)

We commanded again and this time he could read the signs above the church platform which he could not see before. We pressed in and commanded healing to him six times until he could see through both eyes for the first time in 18 years and each time there was improvement. We continued to speak healing until his vision was restored to 100%. The light was very bright for him since he had not seen for 18 years so he was blinking a lot but he had clear vision in both eyes.

He was very happy to see his wife’s face for the very first time. They wept for joy at the goodness of God and the whole family rejoiced.

I know we will have more to share later.

We are so grateful to the Lord for all he taught us on this trip, and for all the people we met and ministered to and with. He allowed us to experience things that had been the desire of our hearts for many years - experiencing his miraculous acts and seeing people healed and set free from bondages.

More Lord Jesus, More of You.


Joe and Margaret

Redemption & Triumph Ministries

Redemption & Triumph Ministries
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“…..The authentic Gospel, the first century Gospel, the Book of Acts Gospel today”

(Copyright 2010 JVMcCauley)

(Copyright 2010 JVMcCauley)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Family Trip and a Divine Encounter for Three Arab Ladies

God is such fun...

My son and I drove from California to Virginia as he will be going to Grad school there. He is going to Regent University going into Government and Law, he wants to be a constitutional lawyer. Thank you Jesus that he graduated Summa Cum Laude (all my son’s fault- he did great!) from College and is now moving forward with his life.

Well we drove across all the US - 3000 miles and very hot most of the way. We went from CA, to AZ (110 degrees) to NM, through TX (as fast as possible) and instead of going south as we used to for FL. we continued through OK and AR and into VA. We got to see some of the real garden spots of OK and AR. Places like “Toad Suck, OK”, I kid you not. We went by the “Toad Suck Harley Davidson”….classy. My personal favorite was “Buck Snort” Arkansas. How does a person with a straight face tell someone “I’m from Buck Snort, Arkansas.” No offense meant BTW.

As we went on the way we had a great time talking a great deal about the Lord, the Holy Spirit, how to hear his leading, feeling the compassion and the conviction of the Spirit towards others, the differences in various doctrines, dedicating your life to God’s service in and outside of ministry, living in His presence, and many other things. We laughed a lot, he has an excellent sense of humor and a dry wit.

As things worked out as we proceeded through Virginia we had the opportunity to go through Appomattox, Va., the place where the document ending the Civil War was signed. I always thought it was signed in the courthouse there. Turns out it was actually signed in the parlor of a man’s home, Mr. McLean. He and I walked in to the large house, positioned high above ground with a series of large steps leading to the front door. To the left is open arch to the parlor with plastic across it to prevent people from going all the way in. It is furnished with the same actual furniture used that day. We were alone when we entered and it stayed that way for several minutes. He went and looked elsewhere through the house but I stayed and just closed my eyes to feel the place, the time, that which was left behind of that moment. It was a moving experience.

While in Virginia my wife and I stayed at the hotel at the Christian Broadcasting Network and Regent site.-The Founders Inn. There are large pictures of the first four presidents on the walls and it is all in colonial style, very nice and hence the name. Very reasonably priced as well, I was surprised.

CBN offered to its guests, and we accepted, an opportunity to sit in on a video taping of the 700 Club and got to meet Pat Robertson and his co-host Terri. It was a fun experience. Pat is a vivacious person and in between segments kept everybody on set laughing. Pat and Terri moved from set to set for different pieces and we really enjoyed being able to see that. After the show they offered the audience vouchers for a reduced rate at the Founder’s Inn restaurant the Swan Terrace, which we decided to do.

We had an interesting experience at the Swan. It was the following…

At the restaurant, the Swan Terrace, as we walked in and sat down we passed three Arab women at their table talking. Two were very fashionably dressed. The moment we sat down, immediately and I mean as soon as I sat in the chair the Lord gave me a word for one of them, then all three of them. There was a very strong sense of his presence and the words that came. This is funny too because the head waiter was going to seat us at a table away from them but we asked to move so we could be near a window with a view of the garden, which was right near them. The Spirit began to describe them to me as God saw them and he was speaking strongly into the work they were going to do. At this point we didn’t even know if they knew the Lord.

So after my wife and I discussed it…I went over and introduced my wife and myself. I told them I had a prophetic ministry and felt that the Lord had given me something to say to them. One woman, who had no fear to speak up and was very much in command said, “please go ahead we do not want to stop the flow of the Spirit.”

For the first woman, the woman I just mentioned, the message was something like this.,, (BTW- for me often the first sentence of the “word” to be given is a declaration of how God views the person or a description of their character. )

So for the first woman the Spirit called her a “Lioness of Righteousness", the he had "put a sword in her hand and her mouth and that she was going to speak deliverance to many”…etc. pretty much in that manner after that.

For the second he started by giving me the phrase, very strong, “You are a Cedar of Lebanon…you stand tall for integrity and you never lie. You shine forth the truth of whom I am and honor me”….etc.

For the third he said, “You are a Tigress of Comfort. The wounded and hurting are deep in your heart and you seek to bring comfort to them, your heart reaches out to them”….etc. I then ended and said thank you.

After I was done the second woman said, “This is interesting. How did you know I was from Lebanon?”

Wo! Praise God and thank you Jesus, John 4 is for everybody….

I told her that the Holy spirit had indicated that to me through that phase about the Cedars...I love it when God confirms his word. Word of Knowledge is a just one way God demonstrates in our day his reality and care.

We ended up talking with them before they left. The rest of the story is….

The second lady is in broad casting and had a TV show that broadcasts to the middle east. It is a show about Muslim women being brought out of Islam into a relationship with Jesus Christ. These women’s ministry is to bring the Gospel to women hurt and damaged by Islam and the abuses it brings to women. The first lady, who was from Egypt was going to speak as a guest on that show the next day, giving the Gospel powerfully I'm sure. This kind of ministry is also very dear to my wife’s heart particularly and mine. My wife and I said we would pray for the next day’s broadcast in particular when the Egyptian woman was to speak.

It was a privilege to be of use that way. (And it's fun) It was a real word of encouragement to them to continue what they were doing. How wonderful is God’s economy, we went 3,000 miles to do something for our family and God did something for three of His daughters in His family….

Praise God!

So we ended up rejoicing, thanking and praising God a lot during our time there.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Hem of His Garment

Hello, hello.

I had the fun of being able to go to the Hem of His Garment Healing Conference at Bethel Church in Redding, California. I needed a time of refreshing and renewal. I was really seeking God for a number of things.

The conference itself was so worth the effort, time and money. Cal Pierce and his wife Michele were there. They were called by God to re-fire up the healing rooms of John. G. Lake in Spokane, Washington. They did this in the '90s starting at the same address Lake had started his and stayed there three years as their ministry expand. Now they have 1000 healing rooms globally.

Bill Johnson, Chris Gore and Joaquin Evans were the featured speakers all brought the renewed vision of HIS presence active in us today, in the here and now.


#1. The daughter of a family who are friends of mine called a drowned child from the dead.

This gal, Stephanie and her husband Jonathan were near the pool at their hotel. Jonathan had gone back inside for something and while he was gone, there was a scream as a relative of a young black boy (about 3) saw the boy on the bottom of the pool. He was brought out and Emergency was called. The ER people worked on him with nothing happening, people crying-weeping and distress all around. Nothing happened, so the ER people stepped back, as the boy was ashen and not responding. Stephanie, in her early 20’s, slight, blond and blue eyed came up to the child and began to command his life to come back in Jesus name. Suddenly many people began praying. Jonathan, who came up to the crowd just before Stephanie began to speak over the boy told me that he was able to see the reactions of the people around him. Everything began to change from fear to hope and determination as Stephanie unknowingly led people in commanding life back to the little boy. Her focus was the boy and what Jesus could do. The boy still looking ashen did not respond for some five minutes or so but Stephanie kept going. Suddenly his eyes opened wide and he spit out water and began coughing. Everyone was stunned and then joyful. Jesus got the praise.

Stephanie was then told by her mother the next day that as her mother was sitting near the pool relaxing (the day after this event) she overheard one side of a conversation an older black woman, perhaps the grandmother of the child, had with someone on the phone. She was saying, “he was dead, not moving”. So another honor to Jesus !!!!

Jesus plus Stephanie was more than enough.

#2. Anthony, a man from Ghana who was 85% deaf in his left ear was healed, right next to me, by a called out word of knowledge.

We were having a teaching session and the speaker, Joaquin Evans who is the director of the healing rooms stopped suddenly in response to the Holy Spirit and had a word of knowledge that people with deft left ears were healed, that the Holy Spirit was doing that right then. He than asked for people to raise their hands. Anthony, a precious black man from Ghana stood there a moment, touched his left ear and then raised his hand. He was called up and gave his testimony.

He had been that way since his youth. And he said he could not hear anyone from that side unless they were very close to him, and he could never use his cell phone from that ear.

#3 Words of Knowledge and Prophecies I gave through the Holy Spirit.
I had two incredible words of knowledge for an incredible artist named Francesco and the young singer who turned out to be his girl, Suzanne. They were life changing words about their future and the ability to portray the spirit realm (for him) and minister healing in music (for her) and they were confirmations in many points of prior words. The day I left, Saturday I kept passing a blond woman who had apparently come for the healing rooms. I felt suddenly what she was feeling. There was a fear, a despair and need for answers that God allowed me to sense as I saw or walked by her. Our paths cross three times in the coffee shop and book store. Finally she left and went to the parking lot. It was then that the Holy Spirit put the pressure on and I knew I had to go speak his prophetic word over her. I found her in her car getting ready to leave. I introduced myself and told her I had a word for her. It was right on and met her need. She came for healing she said and to "reconnect to God." God reconnected through his word to her. I was so privileged to be used in that way.

#4 The Holy Spirit personally ministered to me through three different people in prophetic words and word of knowledge that specifically addressed issues on my heart.
He also, for the first time in my life used a prophetic picture drawn by someone during one of the sessions.

#5. The also was an anointing, an impartation that left me flat on the floor laughing for 30 minutes.

If I learned one thing from this conference is was to tune myself, position myself to remaining in his presence. From there everything flows, everything works because his power is backing his will and purpose for that moment. His word through me as I am sensitive to him brings that gospel confirming power. That his love overcoming me can overcome any seen reality. His reality, his kingdom trumps this inferior kingdom.

I needed this. I needed to be re-calibrated and refreshed.

Praise God for the Holy Spirit today.

Acts 10:38



Monday, March 29, 2010

God is On the Move

February and March have been incredible times in the Lord.

This coming Saturday April 3, at 11am my favorite church, Victory International in San Mateo, Ca will be hosting a evangelism Treasure Hunt. If you haven't been on one you need to they are frequently profound experiences in God as the Holy Spirit orchestrates the people, places and encounters for you to touch people with the love and power of our Jesus.

For this past month God has opened more doors in the prophetic and word of knowledge. I list them here only because these gifts are for EVERYBODY, just ask for them according to 1 Corinthians 14:1. Desire the spiritual gifts.

1. In March in a Starbucks in Pleasanton we had a word of knowledge for five college men at the table next to us. The WoK was right on the money for all five. It is an experience that touches your own heart as you express God's to others.

2. Also in March I emailed a man I know in S. Cal who I have talked to in several months. He emailed back and asked if the Spirit had a word for him as he had an important church meeting with his Pastor. God did have a word, it was emailed to him and blessed him and his Pastor with new insight to faith and what God had for them.

3. Two days ago I went to the Promise Land Fellowship healing rooms in SF and "by chance" God set up a meeting with a young, miracle-working guy I met at Bethel Church (Redding) last June. He had prophesied over me and what he said came to pass - incredible. We did not recognize each other at first but as soon as he spoke I knew who he was. He had a precious utterance for me and we rejoiced to see each other again. I know this guy is connected to me by the Lord because he came from a small Oregon town that I used to go to visit my in-laws over the past 20 years. There is no way that was a "chance" happening and what he said came true. God does bring people into our lives wonderfully, we just have to recognize it when it happens.

The Word of Knowledge is a powerful gift for ALL of us.

Ask for it - and you will get it.