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Praise Our Lord Jesus!

Victory International Church has seen a breakout in miracle healings both inside and outside of this church in the last several months for which we are genuinely very thankful to the Holy Spirit. We are seeing the love of God demonstrated though his power to restore, remove pain and renew people’s physical bodies. Healing was Jesus calling card, his stamp of validation from the Father. It was the context to which he pointed whenever the Pharisees cast doubt on his call and who had sent him.


October 17th - Sunday
A woman named Connie was healed of blurred vision both eyes due to a stroke and without prayer as the Holy Spirit did it without prayer from anyone. The testimonies from Brazil, the Word of God about healing and her faith combined into a wonderful Testimony Healing by the Holy Spirit. See her testimony on this Blog, dated November 4th.

A girl named Jillian’s foot badly bruised from sports accidents was healed.

November 15th - Monday
There was an Aglow Meeting here at Victory – at least two people received healings.

During that meeting and on one subsequent Sunday some nine people were given the prayer of impartation for healing. The healing legacy from Brazil was given away with results you’ll hear about coming soon after. These people started praying for the sick and seeing results as well so …

November 18th -Thursday
My wife Margaret and I were able to minister to a home group of friends in Half Moon Bay only to have a man who had struggled with three months of significant lower back pain be healed right there in someone’s living room. As we rejoiced with him about his healing, a precious older Japanese lady started kneeling up and down on her left knee. Without prayer the Holy Spirit again through the testimony, the scripture verses that proclaim healing and her faith coming together, healed a knee condition she had since she was two years old.

November 28th-Sunday
At Victory, Ginny, one of the people at the Aglow meeting prayed for gal who had pain in her shoulder for three weeks. On a scale of 1 to 10 she was an “8”. Ginny commanded the healing to go in Jesus name. It left!


On the same day two ladies named Normi and Phyllis who were also at the Aglow meeting, prayed for a woman who had abdominal pain from over exertion. The pain departed in Jesus name.

November 30th- Tuesday
I prayed for a workman named who is doing remodeling on my mother’s home. He had a growth in the top center of his back that he described as “being punched full force in the back.” It was a constant “9” on the pain scale and kept him from working and made sleeping in any position and even driving his car very painful. The guy doesn’t know the Lord but when he was prayed for I had his son, who was with us, put his hand on his dad along with me. When we commanded the pain to leave and healing to take place both men felt a sudden rush of heat through their bodies. The dad even started sweating. When I left him the pain was dramatically reduced and he was able to work.

So why is this happening?
Because the Holy Spirit is doing a fresh work in this church. He is renewing minds to attempt and succeed at impossibilities now considered fully possible.

Why is this happening?Because Jesus gave us his example and told us to follow it.

Mark 16:17-18, These signs shall follow those who believe……”

John 14:12 “If anyone believes in me he shall do the works I am doing….”

We have found that “Simple obedience releases faith’s possibilities.”

Why is this happening?
The Apostle Paul summed it up beautifully in

2nd Corinthians Chapter One, verses 18 to 20.

18 As surely as God is trustworthy and faithful and means what He says, our speech and message to you have not been Yes [that might mean] No.
19For the Son of God, Christ Jesus (the Messiah), …. was not Yes and No; but in Him it is [always the divine] Yes.
20For as many as are the promises of God, they all find their Yes [answer] in Him [Christ].

God is faithful to all his promises.

Let me encourage you, your prayers can change everything.

You can heal the sick and represent Jesus.

Because His command that we go do these things gave us the grace and the capacity and ability to do them. Because you have Chris in you, the hope of Glory!

Go and be the Gospel to someone…..Amen!

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