Saturday, December 4, 2010


Some dear Holy Spirit happenings took place last Sunday in our church.


Paul, our Head Usher asked Margaret and me to pray for a dear Hispanic lady. She had, we found out, for about three weeks on-going pain in her left shoulder, about a “7” level of pain. When I walked over to her she was talking with another lady in our church named Ginny. Ginny had been at the Aglow meeting on the 15th where Margaret and I had talked about Brazil and had laid hands on people for impartation of the gift we had from Brazil. Ginny could not remain at that time, for when we prayed for impartation of the gift we received in Brazil to those who wanted it. She came up to us at church the next Sunday and asked to be prayed for, so we did that. So….instead of me praying I said Ginny should do this. Ginny is always ready to pray she is on fire for the Lord, so she began to pray and command the pain to leave. Margaret joined us as we asked the lady how she felt. Pain was now down to a “4” and ability to move the joint was better. So, Ginny fired the second volley at the devil commanding the healing. The woman with the pain had her face lit up as the she said the pain was gone and she was moving her arm around and around while she was smiling. We praised the Lord and encouraged her to thank God for the gift he gave her. We also encouraged her to watch for the devil to try to bring the symptoms back and to resist it in Jesus name.


A woman who has been fighting liver cancer came over to say hi! As we did she mentioned that she had abdominal pain from picking up her grandson when he was with her. Her pain level was a “7” or so as well. I called two other ladies who had received prayer for impartation at Aglow so I called them over and had those two pray for the gal with liver cancer. Normi, one of the ladies took the lead and was very powerful and spoke faith filled words that were very strong. We checked and the pain had gone to a “4” so we did it again. I checked with the lady being prayed for asking her if she really felt this way or if she was just trying to be kind in some way. She said, ”No”, she really felt the change. We commanded it again this time with all of us laying hands on the woman with the pain. We paused and she told us the pain was gone. We also cursed that liver cancer in Jesus name and asked her to let us know about the next time she had a checkup. After final prayer the lady told us the abdominal pain was gone! We all were stoked!

Normi’s friend

Normi then let us know on Saturday she had prayed for a friend who had back problems and knees in pain because of no cartilage. Normi did her Christ-like thing and her friend’s back pain was gone and the knee pain as well. She did not need to take her usual medicine – Vicadin- for the pain. Normi’s out doing it. PTL! Faith with works what a combo!!! Normi is working to bring her friend to church as well.

MORE…..Our buddy Mike…..

Mike had been prayed for last Sunday for a shooting “heat” he was having on his right side from his knee to his hip. It was not constant but would suddenly happen without notice while working. Margaret and I prayed for Mike, who although he did not have the pain at the time received his healing by faith. We prayed for it to leave and he would not be troubled by it any more.

Well last Sunday he came up to tell us that as of last Monday a week ago he has had no re-occurrence of that pain. Also his knee that was prayed for months ago is still working fine.

Thank you Holy Spirit!

Thank you Jesus for your power activated by your love.

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