Thursday, November 4, 2010

Testimony of Restored Eyesight and the Gift of English


We are thrilled with what the Lord has been doing in our midst since our return from Brazil.
I mentioned in an earlier blog-post that a woman in our church was sovereignly healed of blurred vision from a stroke in both eyes.

The video attached here is the testimony of that woman, Connie.
She has been telling everyone she can about how God healed her, she is so thrilled about it. As you can see from what she says here she really believes that "God answered my prayer."

So let this encourage you.
You were meant to get answered prayer.
You are told to expect answers to prayer, Jesus promised and 2Corinthians 1:20 tells us that "as many as are the promises of God they find their 'Yes' in Christ."

Say "Amen" and receive your promises fulfilled.


A couple of days ago we were delighted to get this email from a young lady, perhaps a junior in high school who was an interpreter for us while at one church in Brazil. We had prayed for several people who asked for us to pray that they would be able to learn English quickly. Apparently in this case the Holy Spirit decided to give the entire gift of English at one time.

-----Original Message-----
From: Isabela
Sent: Tue, Nov 2, 2010 6:42 am
Subject: Isabela- Brazil.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for sending me the photos.
unfortunately did not take pictures with your wife, but I really liked her. I´ll save the photo as a memory.

Joe, there is one thing I want to tell you.
On the day that you came here in our church and prayed for one girl, she received a gift. This week she start speek in english!

She still can not control the English language and confuses the two, so feels (unsure about how) to speak. I´m not sure how to help her.

Thaks again,

blessings and kisses.

Isabela, SP - Brazil.

God is so much fun and SO generous.

We found in Brazil that if you live in an atmosphere of expectation, you receive.
If you choose to believe the word of God and expect that its truth will come to pass you will receive. We saw this time after time in Brazil and God has allowed us to bring that home to where we live as can be seen by Connie's miraculous healing.

Glory to God!

This is what the "normal" Christian life is meant to be.

Living in the super-nature of God, a God who loves to give to his children everything that is good and perfect.

Thank you Lord.

More of you Lord Jesus, more of you....

Redemption and Triumph !

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