Friday, November 19, 2010

The Holy Spirit Glowed at AGLOW !

We are so thankful to the Holy Spirit for these new ministry opportunities and that he continues to confirm his presence and demonstrate his love.

Margaret and I spoke at the San Mateo Aglow Light House Meeting on November 15th.

Margaret led worship which blessed us all and, a new song we brought back from Brazil called Majesty-Holy just filled the place.

This was followed by a prophetic word for the group and individual words for several people,
then there was a second strong prophetic exhortation calling for higher places and more of the Lord in the lives of those there.

We then presented what we called “Brazil Part 2” and went into more detail about the healings, scriptural basis for them, and talked about authority and impartation. We showed some new videos of people in Brazil with deaf ears being healed and of a woman who had broken her arm and it affected her use of her shoulders and she was healed. We then had Connie (see a prior post-the lady who loves Jesus who was healed of blurred vision) and Twila (the on-fire for Jesus mom of a young lady who’s foot was healed after prayer) come up and give their testimonies. We finished the presentation and then went into prayer for healing which was followed by prayer for impartation. Lots of people remained after dismissal for these two reasons.

We had decided that we would start with those who had definite pain in their bodies so we could, by use of the five step model, measure improvement. We prayed for:

1. A man who had fallen off a ladder while working on his mom’s house in Chicago. His back, knees, hips and hands (he had also cut his hands). WE commanded the pain to leave and he reported he was at 50% less pain. GTG! So we continued to command the pain to go and healing to come and he went from 80% and finally to “I’m waving my hands." People applauded the Lord….

Expectation levels popped way up after this and we have found that if there is not instant manifestation that the measuring process of the 5-step method really helps change the atmosphere from either complacency or unbelief to faith.

2. A dear German lady, she had pain, headaches behind her eyes, something that had happening for three years. After we assessed how bad the pain was we spoke to it, she fell in the Spirit and was on the floor for some time. She later got up to say her right eye no longer had pain so we prayed for the left eye again. She sat down and in a few minutes told us she was healed. Praise God!

3. A good friend who had a headache.
Margaret laid a hand on his head and both she and he felt a very strong tingling from her hand into him. Then he began laughing uncontrollably. It took a while for him to finally stop and sit down. The headache left.

So after the prayer time the people listed here stayed for impartation. We had told them what had happened to us in Brazil and the prayer for impartation we had gotten from the Global Team.

Thank you Lord for your kindnesses, more and more exalt your name and your holy son, Jesus.

Also our thanks to Margaret Schillig and Amy Kurakowa for inviting us to speak. You guys are wonderful examples of those hungry for the deeper things of God.

We met at Victory International Church, pastored by Brad and Gigi Allen, who are pictured here.

If you need a church home, if you're hungry to go past "just church" to the deeper things God really has for you, come to Victory. Pastor Brad's teaching is strong, caring, Biblical and geared for application in our lives today. I would also recommend the Victory Bible School, Pastor Gigi is the administrator of the school. The course content she and Brad have developed is designed to making "Disciples" out of "Believers" so you can powerfully live your life with confidence and faith. You can view many of the teachings from the school on the Victory web site.

Go for it!
1730 S Amplett Blvd #110, San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 655-4748

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