Sunday, May 20, 2012

His Presence - Manifests Healing

We continue to see wonderful things coming forth for healing in 2012.  

I have been involved with a new consultant role in my non-ministry business so we haven't updated this blog much in some time. 

Jesus told his disciples to "Go, Heal the sick, cleanse the leaper, preach the good news."  
We are finding how effective obedience to this command can be as we are seeing results in physical healing through the command in Jesus name.  The vast majority of the healing we see are not through "praying" (the James 5 model - which is great).  

In March we visited a man in the hospital who has been fighting cancer.   Before we left him in his hospital room we spoke to his pain commanding it to leave and let healing begin.  A week later Margaret was back in that town and visited the man.  He stated, "when you and Joe prayed for me (we didn't actually pray as I mentioned) my pain went away."  The man is now back home, even after having a gall bladder removed and not being expected to live.  But the testimony remains.  We continue to speak to his cancer and command strength and vitality to return to him.  This is not bad at all as many people expected his to die when we saw him in early March 2012.   

In April over-the-phone we spoke in Jesus' name to a staff infection condition in the hip of a man who is a friend of our family.  He was being treated by Doctors and if the cure did not work he would die, that was the diagnosis.   Through the decree and command in Jesus' name we told the pain to leave him.  Through word of knowledge Margaret told him that if the pain left the healing would take place.  The pain did leave and he is cured and no longer threatened by this serious infection.  Did the medicines work, we guess so but the pain left before the medicines were administered. 

Praise to the Lord for He is good. 

We continue to see that speaking to pain and ailments is an effective way to bring the inheritance the Lord promised through Jesus death on the cross.   Jesus laid hands on the sick and spoke for pain and sickness to leave and demons to be expelled.  There is no example that he ever "prayed" for sick people.  If would appear that he depended on the anointing he received from his baptism in the Holy Spirit and was led by the Spirit in what do do for each person. 

What I like about Jesus was that he was a "varietal" healer. 
He did not do everything the same way.  In those accounts that have individual details in the Gospels we see a creative variety in what he did that manifested the healing.   This is so wonderful because it keeps us away - by seeing his example - from being confined by a "one-size-fits-all" thinking pattern in ministering healing.  

We are meant to live this as normal Christianity. 

Praise the Lord!

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