Monday, March 29, 2010

God is On the Move

February and March have been incredible times in the Lord.

This coming Saturday April 3, at 11am my favorite church, Victory International in San Mateo, Ca will be hosting a evangelism Treasure Hunt. If you haven't been on one you need to they are frequently profound experiences in God as the Holy Spirit orchestrates the people, places and encounters for you to touch people with the love and power of our Jesus.

For this past month God has opened more doors in the prophetic and word of knowledge. I list them here only because these gifts are for EVERYBODY, just ask for them according to 1 Corinthians 14:1. Desire the spiritual gifts.

1. In March in a Starbucks in Pleasanton we had a word of knowledge for five college men at the table next to us. The WoK was right on the money for all five. It is an experience that touches your own heart as you express God's to others.

2. Also in March I emailed a man I know in S. Cal who I have talked to in several months. He emailed back and asked if the Spirit had a word for him as he had an important church meeting with his Pastor. God did have a word, it was emailed to him and blessed him and his Pastor with new insight to faith and what God had for them.

3. Two days ago I went to the Promise Land Fellowship healing rooms in SF and "by chance" God set up a meeting with a young, miracle-working guy I met at Bethel Church (Redding) last June. He had prophesied over me and what he said came to pass - incredible. We did not recognize each other at first but as soon as he spoke I knew who he was. He had a precious utterance for me and we rejoiced to see each other again. I know this guy is connected to me by the Lord because he came from a small Oregon town that I used to go to visit my in-laws over the past 20 years. There is no way that was a "chance" happening and what he said came true. God does bring people into our lives wonderfully, we just have to recognize it when it happens.

The Word of Knowledge is a powerful gift for ALL of us.

Ask for it - and you will get it.

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